• Starters

    • Octopus and plantain carpaccio with avocado, lemon and rehashing guapireño emulsion

    • Burrata al Forno


      Something special and different to enjoy as a couple. Soft white cheese with pesto and tomatoes

    • Picada mediterránea


      Serrano ham, salami, Spanish chorizo, three varieties of mature and semi-ripe cheeses, pickled vegetables and breads

    • Picada del Mirador for 2 people


      Morcilla de burgos, crispy chinchulines, longaniza de sutamarchán, Spanish chorizo, empanaditas, pataconas, creole potato, pineapple chili, avocado chili

    • Our grill

    • Beef Chuleton


      400 g of succulent beef chop with flat grilled grilled, ask for it with our chimichurris

    • Chop of Pork


      400 g of pork chop accompanied by a suggestive sauce created especially for this dish, cornichons or bittersweet gherkins with rehash guapireño

    • Ossobuco de Pork


      500 grams of this classic bone with 20 hours of cooking that is unleashed in an intense flavor complemented by our corozo reduction proposal

    • St. Louis Ribs


      300 grs of exquisite special pork ribs cooked in guava barbecue sauce

    • T Bone Steak


      400 grs of exquisite piece of chop with two cuts of exquisite res as it is the loin and the flat ones to the grill

    • Bife chorizo


      300 grs of loin Width in thick cut and matured type brangus grilled

    • Grillé chicken


      ½ chicken boneless and roasted in our soft marinade accompanied by a soft chimichurri

    • Our fishes

    • Fishing of the day to the Iron


      Fish fillet captured the same day on the shores of Choco in Solano Bay

    • Fetuccines Vongole  


      Fettuccine sautéed in reduced butter with white wine and a mixture of mussels and clams

    • Grilled trout


      Piece with bone of 250 grs of grilled salmon

    • Three cheeses salmon casserole


      salmon station in Neapolitan with melted cheese gratins

    • Pizzas and hamburgers

    • Pizza Candy


      Delicious Colombian toned pizza with ripe banana and guava sandwich

    • Rustic beef burger

    • seafood pizza


      Seafood and cheese

    • Chicken country burger

    • Mediterranean pizza


      Serrano ham and crispy lettuces

    • Margarita pizza


      Tomato and cheese

    • Vegetarian pizza


      Vegetables, hearts of palm, asparagus, artichokes and zucchinis

    • Meat Pizza


      Roasted Bondiola, Beef Tenderloin and Roasted Chicken

    • Three cheeses salmon pizza

    • Pasta and rice

    • Peaceful risotto


      Arborio and rehash guapireño with rooftop herbs and seafood

    • Cannelloni in bird ragú

    • Lobster ravioli with pesto and Neapolitan

    • Deserts

    • Bruised cream

    • Sundae

    • Caramelized cob cake  

    • Chocolate melt with pre-Columbian ice cream

    • Crumble of red fruits